How to Stop Your Snoring

How to Stop Your Snoring, And Start Sleeping Soundly

Some people have trouble sleeping soundly; some of which grind their teeth, and some of which snore. Those two sleeping problems are so common they feel like a normal thing, but they aren’t, especially the snoring habit. A lot of people who snore sometimes don’t even realize they snore in their sleep, that is, until their beloved ones have enough of sleepless nights. Not rare to find that snoring becomes a trigger of little dispute at home, because essentially, everyone needs a good night’s sleep. That’s why, if you are one of those snorers, and your bed partner has spoken their getting tired of your sleeping habit (or even better, they haven’t), then you’d better learn how to stop snoring soon.

Basically, you can’t just ignore snoring; it’s a sign that something’s up with your body. It’s not a normal sleeping condition, but not every snoring means sleep apnea. Before learning how to stop snoring, it’s good to know what causes snoring in sleep. When someone snores, his airways’ve narrowed, which causes the air he/she breathes passing through it to vibrate the soft tissue around his throat. The worst case is that your snoring is indeed sleeping apnea, meaning it’s possible for you to stop breathing at times during the night. And that may increase the risk of depression, diabetes, and even heart attack. But don’t get discouraged; it’s also not rare to find that snoring is caused by other factors, such as nasal congestion or seasonal allergies. That’s way, not each and every snoring can be treated the same way to result in better sleeping conditions.

Here are several ways on how to stop snoring that you can try at home, but don’t be upset if one way doesn’t work for you at once because again, each case of snoring may be different, thus it requires different methods to cure. But you’re way better to try these first when you want to know about how to stop snoring methods, rather than having yourself under the knife or CPAP at once.

Snore Pillow

One method you may have heard before is to sleep using a snore pillow. Yes, some people might say that the tool isn’t going to be much of a help since people toss around in their sleep. It might be, it might be not. Still, there are people that find the snore pillow benefits them, maybe those snorers who don’t toss around like crazy in their sleep. It’s your choice to make, but there’s no harm in trying it; who knows this snore pillow does the magic for you. What a snore pillow does is, improve alignment by supporting your head and neck in such a way, so that your airway’s kept open to allow air passes through it smoothly. And not only snoring, but you may also find this snore pillow useful for relieving neck and shoulder pain after long hard work.

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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

The second thing on how to stop snoring is a mouthpiece. This device can help air to flow more smoothly in and out of the throat. If you not only snore but also grind your teeth, then using a mouthpiece may help prevent those two problems from occurring anymore.

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Mandibular re-positioning Device

One other method to reduce snoring which uses an appliance that’s similar to the mouthpiece is the mandibular re-positioning method. This method using an oral appliance like SnoreRx that does jaw advancement calibration. This will also help to keep the airway open, and other than that, it helps reduce any pain jaw. Some people are used to using a mouthpiece when they go to sleep, and if you’re not one of them, then you can consult with a professional to help you get your own oral appliance because every bite and jaw is different and you need to feel comfortable wearing it to sleep every night.

Still in the area of an oral appliance that helps you reduce snoring is one that helps relax your tongue, like ZYPPAH. Some snorers have trouble sleeping soundly due to the tongue movement. When you sleep, your tongue falls back inside your mouth as it relaxes, which can block your airway and cause you to snore. This oral appliance stabilizes your tongue, thus allowing the airway to open as it should be. If you feel that the case of your snoring is much like this, then you ought to try using this kind of oral appliance.

Nasal Strip

This one appliance is worn not in the mouth but on your nose. Yes, it’s a nasal strip. You can find it easily in the pharmacy you frequent. You tape the strip to the outside of your nose; read the instruction so that you place it properly. The nasal strips lift and open your nostrils so that the airflow can be increased accordingly. Some people might say that these nasal strips don’t cure snoring in long term; they just reduce the loud sound of a snore. Well, though the nasal strips only lower the volume of your snoring, they can be useful too if you sleep outside. At least you give mercy to your bed partner and let you both have some quality sleep at night.

Chin Strap

One other way you may be interested to try is using a chin strap. Yes, it’s a strap that goes from your head to your chin. Although it may sound not very appealing, but some people feel this appliance benefits them. And if you fear that wearing it’ll be uncomfortable, then rest assured, because they designed it accordingly so that the snorer who wears it can sleep comfortably enough without feeling suffocated from it at all.

Oral Spray

If you don’t believe in wearing devices in your sleep, then what you want to try is using snore spray. And no, it’s not a pill you’ve got to take every night before going to bed; it’s only an oral spray. This will help break up mucus, thus increasing the oxygen flow during the breathing. Some people who snore due to mucus occurring when their seasonal allergies come, find this oral spray to be most helpful.

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