Mouth Exercises to stop snoring

Mouth Exercises to stop snoring


Certain types of exercises help in reducing snoring and can be performed in order to help you and those around you enjoy a good night’s sleep once again.

Traditional exercise programs

Losing weight is a known and effective way to reduce snoring. By going on a low-fat diet, exercising and improving cardiovascular fitness you can effectively lose weight and widen your throat’s airways thereby reducing the chance of snoring.

Face/mouth muscles strengthening

A weak tongue is known to cause snoring. This occurs when the tongue falls back down the throat during sleep and blocks your airways. You can practice and strengthen your tongue muscles by sticking your tongue out as far as possible, maintaining it as straight as you can, and moving it from side to side. Varying this exercise is possible by moving your tongue up and down instead of left and right. The exercise should be repeated at least 15 times each session several times a day for maximum effect.

Strengthening your jaw, mouth, and lips muscles is also an effective way to reduce snoring. This is accomplished by making and holding an exaggerated kiss posture for at least 5 seconds. You can also try an exaggerated smile posture instead but both cases require at least 10 five-second repetitions daily.

These exercises are effective in reducing snoring. You should practice these exercises as much as you can during the day and on a daily basis. A good idea is to practice these exercises while driving or taking a shower. Through “hard work” and perseverance you can easily reduce your snoring.

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