Snoring Causes

To be teased as a snorer by your friends can be very embarrassing. Snoring is not something that you do voluntarily, and we are sure that you would like to do whatever possible to get rid of the noisy snores.

The first thing to keep in mind is snoring is nothing to be ashamed of. Most people find it difficult to accept that they snore. It is only after you accept that there is a problem that you can look for Snoring Causes and their solutions. Here are some simple changes, which you can embed in your life to combat Snoring Causes.

Change the way you sleep:  You can start by trying to sleep on your side. Sleeping on the side keeps the airway clean and thus less snoring. If you find that you change position in the night you can try sewing a tennis ball to the back of your night suit. This way when you roll the ball will prevent you from sleeping on your back. You can also try putting a pillow between your knees so as to prevent rolling.

Take your last drink at least four hours before going to bed: Alcohol is one of the biggest contributors to snoring as it relaxes your body muscles and narrows the air passage in the throat and neck. Taking your last drink four hours before going to bed will diminish the effect of alcohol on the muscles and you will sleep better.

Stop taking sleeping pills: Sleeping pills and any other relaxing pills or Antihistamines help you sleep by relaxing the muscles in the body, which gives you a lethargic and drowsy feeling, which makes snoring worse. Try to do some relaxing exercise before you go to bed to help sleep without any medicinal aid.

Keep your nasal passage clean: Treat the allergies and cold that are causing any blockages in your nose. It would also help if you place a humidifier in your room, which will prevent the nose and throat from drying, and you will be able to breathe smoothly.

Pillow height: Elevating your pillow height by four inches will ease breathing, as it will keep your tongue forward. If you have a problem with your neck and are not allowed to sleep on thick pillows then consider giving up pillows altogether.

Throat and neck exercise: Do some throat and neck exercises such as rolling your tongue, singing, and neck rotating exercises to clear the throat and get rid of the double chin on your neck (which is one of the most common Snoring Causes). Toned neck muscles help ease the breathing and therefore less snoring.

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