Why do I snore? The Mystery of Snoring

Why Do I Snore?

This question may appear after other people who sleep near us complaining about it. We will not know whether we are snoring while sleeping or not. The first thing that we have to do after other people complain about the snore while we sleep is to find out the causes. Technically, the snore is caused by the vibration of the soft palate and soft tissue at the back of the throat which produce sound while we are inhaling in sleep. The question of why do I snore does not stop until that stage. We should find out why our soft palate and soft tissue vibrating while we are sleeping. It happens to some of us. But, it does not happen to some other people.why do i snore

The Cause of Snore

The statistic said that more males snore than females. But it is not the gender that causes the snore. The cause of the snore can be temporary. When we have hay fever or cold, snore could happen. It will be gone when we have recovered from those. Otherwise, perhaps we consume alcohol before we sleep which can cause snore at sleep. The snore may not happen when we do not drink alcohol right before we are about going to sleep. We can have snore temporarily because we are on certain drugs. The drug which can cause snoring at sleep is the one that can make the muscle relax.

The snore which happens while we sleep can happen because of body condition. The snore becomes a sign that our body is not healthy. Obesity can become the reason we snore at sleep. Obesity which is caused by lack of exercise makes us snoring in sleeping. The fat around the neck can block the air we inhale. It can be healed by doing more exercise.

Besides the lack of exercise, another bad habit that can cause snore is smoking. The damage from smoking is very clear. It is dangerous for the body, especially for the lungs. The poison on the smoke can cause irritation around the nasal cavity and swelling around the throat. This condition can make the air hard to flow which can cause the snore.

Another habit that can cause snore is when we are a mouth breather. Breathing with mouth while we are sleeping can make us snore. The snore happens because when we breathe with our mouth, the air hits the back of the throat. The air causes vibration in the soft tissue.  We may have tried to close the mouth of our partner when snoring. It may help to stop the snore, but it is not good. We could get a special device designed for helping people who are mouth breathers.why_do_i_snore_on_my_side

When we find that we are complained of snoring while sleeping it may cause by the sleeping position. The sleeping position can change it. We are better not to sleep on our back. The snore is caused because of gravity. When we are sleeping on our back, our tongue and soft palate can fall back and block the air.

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